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There is so much to do and enjoy in Sonoma, and our family feels privileged to be part of a community so rich in history and in diversity of people, agriculture, and natural beauty. The venues below are extensions of our lives, and we are delighted to share both with our Club Tyge members.


Ramekins Culinary School and Inn
A short walk from Sonoma’s historic plaza, this energy- and water-conserving rammed-earth structure evokes a rustic yet elegant European destination. An antique limestone fountain burbles in the courtyard and French doors open into the great room, where oak-beamed vaulted ceilings frame an inviting fireplace. Here a cadre of chefs prepares fresh seasonal ingredients from our local gardens, not only for events, but for a wide variety of relaxed hands-on and demonstration classes as well. Six luxury suites appointed with French country antiques constitute our cozy inn at the heart of wine country.


The General’s Daughter
This handsome 1864 Victorian surrounded by gardens and fruit trees was the home of Natalia Vallejo, daughter of Mariano G. Vallejo, former commandante general of Alta California, and Attila Haraszthy, son of Agoston Haraszthy, considered the father of California viticulture. The General’s Daughter still stands within view of General Vallejo’s historic hacienda, Lachryma Montis (Tear of the Mountain), named for a vigorously flowing spring nearby. What better place for wine tasting and education? 

Cornerstone Sonoma
A wine country marketplace with world-class shopping (including Chateau Sonoma), boutique wine rooms, and artisanal foods, Cornerstone is also a stunning showcase of walk-through gardens, an ever-changing gallery created by local and international landscape architects and designers. This combination of art, architecture, and nature, inspired by the International Garden Festival at Chaumont-Sur-Loire in France, presents a kaleidoscope of shapes, textures, colors, and moods. The newest addition is Sunset Magazine’s Test Kitchen and Gardens, consisting of five distinctive outdoor rooms. 


Tyge William Vineyard 
A mile up the road, several hundred feet higher than the lodge, the ten-acre Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard commands a view of the Oakland hills to the south and Sonoma Mountain to the west. Jack London grew up in Oakland and spent his last decade on Sonoma Mountain, in what is now Jack London State Historical Park. Fittingly, this vineyard was planted “in the style” of London by the Anderson’s neighbor, Keith Kunde, whose family has farmed here since London did, over a century ago. As the sun rises, the vine rows undulate in the light, draped across the hillside like wales of green corduroy. Overhead, a red-tailed hawk wheels and soars silently.